Elay Li

Elay Li

1985 born in Azerbaijan.

2002 he started studying at the Faculty of Arts of Nakhchivan State University. This is also the moment in which his research on the monochrome figurative began to grow as an idea and started to take shape as a unique style.

2007 he was admitted to the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts at the faculty of painting.

2013 he began his master education at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

2018 two of his works were exhibited at the Fendi Fashion Show during the „Milan Fashion week“.

2019 his painting „Story of light“ will be exhibited in the studio of the famous Italian painter, Piero Manzoni. In the same year in Naples, the personal exhibition with 25 paintings was inaugurated at the Palazzo Fondi. His artistic research is based on refraction of the light on color surfaces.