Katharina Lökenhoff

First name: Christina Katharina
Family Name: Lökenhoff
Date of Birth: 31.05.1969 in Essen
Nationality: german
marital status: two daughters, (30, 24)

1975 – 1988 education Waldorfschool Essen; A level
1988 sozial internship Camphill Community, Ringwood, GB

1989 studies Philosophy, art history, Bochum

1990-98 art studies, Folkwang University of Arts
and Teacher Training Program, Essen

1999-2004 PhD PhD candidate of Prinz Rudolf zur Lippe at
University of Witten-Herdecke
Topic of dissertation: „Colour sense in relation to
Goethe’s und Beuy’s symbol concept“

since 2001 teaching at the Waldorfschool in Essen in Art and Philosophy

since 1993 solo exhibitions selection:
1993 HK Heidelberg
2001 Kunsthaus Essen
2012 Galerie Schütte, Essen
2019 Greatmore, Cape Town

since 1995 group exhibitions selection:
1995 Schloß Lemberg, NRW
2004 Mengerzeile, Berlin
2008, Long Gallery, Newcastle, GB
2017 Galerie 23, Langenberg
2018 Off Biennale Cairo
2002 – 2012 studio studio, curatorial activities and board membership
at „Kunsthaus Essen“
2012 video project „Apokal“ in Istanbul
2013/14 Abidjan, Ivory Coast, working together with the
Ivorian sculptor Jems Koko Bi
2015 painting lectureship in Chengdu, Cina

since 2018 “Crossing” Artistic research project for new life strategies
Aug 2018 “Crossing Iceland” Research in NES – artist residency Skagaströnd
Sep 2018 “Crossing Finland” Research in Arteles Creative Center, Finland
Oct 2018 “Crossing Egypt” Research during the Off Biennale Cairo
Nov 2018 “Crossing Libanon” Research in Beirut
Jan/Feb 2019 “Crossing South Africa” Research and Exhibition in Cape Town
Mai/June 2020 Exhibition Biennale Dakar, Senegal